Vessel is now focusing on the relationship between art, territory and pedagogy. From December 15 to January 31 a series of laboratories will be conducted addressing social, political and economic processes taking place in the rural area of the Apulia region. Rural in Action aims to activate.

The project called Rural in Action aims to activate informal learning and research processes lead by artists, curators and practitioners whose practice can stimulate new approaches to the interpretation of rural contexts as well as to participatory interventions within such marginal areas. The goal of the laboratories is to promote alternative definitions of the relationship between art and territorial practices among students, artists and citizens by embracing the social, political and economic sphere and not only the artistic one. Given the attention that the region is recently devoting to its rural identity as well as the diversity of approaches that are at stake it is necessary to activate a dialogue between the multiplicity of viewpoints. We believe that art is the lens and the tool that should be adopted in order to create a common ground for dialogue and collaboration. We have invited local experts from different disciplines to take part in the laboratories and to give their important contribution to the discussion. Artists, participants and local citizens will operate together as a transitory community of interest by adopting Participatory Action Research methodologies in order to investigate collectively the area and to define possible strategies of interdisciplinary cooperation.

The lab will activate intersections between international and local practitioners and will let regional knowledge meet international practices thus opening a dialogue on some of the issues that are affecting many marginal regions in Europe.

Rural in Action’s format consists in six modules made of three days laboratory each in which a plurality of voices and practices will investigate and narrate the potentialities as well as the challenges of the territory.

From December 15 to 19 at Ex Opera (Cerignola – FG) will be held the following workshops:

CANCELLED – Fucking Good Art “Conversations in the countryside: alternative contexts for independent publishing, participatory research and knowledge”¬†

15 – 16 December h 9.30 – 19.00
17 December  h 9.30 Р13.30

Due to unforseen circumstances Fucking Good Art’s workshop is cancelled.

Luigi Coppola “Opening up spaces for cooperaion and the creation of the common: rurality as a space for resistance”.

17 December h 15.00 – 19.00
18 December h 10.00 – 19.00
19 December h 10.00 – 13.00