Vessel in collaboration with Manifatture Knos and supported by Assessorato al Mediterraneo, Cultura e Turismo Regione Puglia, presents


Curated by Marco Petroni

Tuesday, 14 April 2015 – h.19.00
Manifatture Knos | Via Vecchia Frigole, 34  Lecce (IT)

A dense program of activities is starting in Lecce for 2666, a project curated by Marco Petroni and promoted by Vessel. The public presentation includes the participation of Christian Caliandro, art critic and curator, Paolo Pisanelli, director, Anna Santomauro, Vessel co-curator and researcher, and Marco Petroni, art critic and curator. This is the first step of a research path inspired by the reading of 2666, a novel by the Chilean writer Roberto Bolano, and by the documents and materials collected within the Circolo Italsider in Taranto.

The project consists in a cultural intervention for the creation of a relational and artistic platform in and for the city. Through the re-vitalization of these archival materials, the project aims at creating a framework that connects more deeply citizens with the social fabric of the city. The experience run by Circolo has been extremely emblematic in the collection of energies, hypothesis and tracks for Taranto’s future. During the crucial years of the economic growth in Italy, Italsider promoted a cultural policy strictly connected to its very nature of a partially state-owned company, where the economic aspect could not be disconnected from the social responsibility itself. Indeed Italsider turned the company’s communication needs into actual cultural operations, with a particular interest in literature, cinema, theatre and visual arts.

“Rivista Italsider”, a magazine among the most interesting international house organ, hosted the works by some of the main artists at that time; Eugenio Carmi, one of the most prominent Italian abstraction artists in the 20th century, was involved in the project as graphic advisor of the company. The publication of articles, books and essays that denounced the a-critical consumerism phenomenon in Taranto, as well as the participation in projects by artists and intellectuals like Eugenio Battisti, Franco Sossi, Vittorio Del Piano, Luigi Flauret, Ciro De Vincentis, Pietro Guida, Emanuele De Giorgio, Eugenio Miccini, proved the depth and the importance of these initiatives. Franco Sossi in particular became a central figure in the development of a critical reflection and in stimulating a linguistic improvement for the artists from the region. Some of his essays are today considered essential in order to retrace the stories of art in Taranto after the second world war until the 1960s, such as Artisti Pugliesi (1959), Arte Contemporanea in Puglia (that in 1963 introduced for the first time the paradigm of contemporary art in the region) and La scelta del presente (1970).

These events are poorly investigated so the aim of the project is to re-activate them through the involvement of artists, architects, designers, anthropologists and philosophers that are going to inhabit a mobile structure as a sort of nomadic contemporary agora. This structure states itself as a bridge and gives new life to past experiences that have not yet exhausted their importance through sensitivity and the awareness of the fragility of present times.

Following the presentation meeting is scheduled the screening of:

Buongiorno Taranto
directed by Paolo Pisanelli

produced by Big Sur and OfficinaVisioni with the support Apulia Film Commission