Journey into Relatedness
July 23rd – August 6th

Following her experience as one of the initiators of the project Bait al Karama in Nablus (Palestine), Beatrice Catanzaro will explore the Apulian context through the lens of the multiple self-organised and grass-roots initiatives taking place in the region – and in particular in Bari – which are informed by practices of hospitality and care.

As a starting point for her inquiry Catanzaro suggests the metaphor of an iceberg, where only the tops are visible. Underneath an horizon of peaks, a multitude of bodies and volumes are connected with each other: how can we experiment forms of life and sociality that do not only relate with the fragmentation of the visible peaks and that are rooted instead in the invisible connectedness of experiences, knowledges and disciplines?

The dialogues emerging from these encounters form an integral part of the Institute for the Imagination of the Mediterranean’s ongoing attempt to re-imagine Vessel’s organisational structures and procedures which will inform the future of the organisation, its role in the region and its (im)possible functions.

Beatrice Catanzaro will take part to

XYZ2018 * Officine degli esordi

Laboratorio di ricerca e co-progettazione

a cura di La Scuola Open Source

29 July 7.30 pm 

Officine degli Esordi

via Carlo Perrone 5 | Bari



Beatrice Catanzaro is an artist, researcher and teacher. She is currently doctoral candidate at the Oxford Brookes University with the Social Sculpture Research Unit. Her practice questions social hegemonic structures through collective imaginary processes, grounded in long term engagements and inter-disciplinary collaborations. She has been working throughout Europe, the Middle East and India. Between 2010 and 2015 she lived in Palestine, where she taught at the International Art Academy of Palestine (Ramallah) and co-founded the Women Centre and social enterprise Bait al Karama in the old city of Nablus. Her work has been exhibited in museums and international venues such as MART Museum of Rovereto, Fundacao Gulbenkian in Lisbon and the Espai d’Art Contemporani de Castelló (EACC) in Spain, Quadriennale of Roma. She currently lives in Milan (Italy) with her daughter.