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Friday, July 26 at 7 p.m., at San Cataldo’s lighthouse, Claire Bosi will share a performative and installative moment dealing and exploring the research that she has been undertaken in Bari during her residency in June.

The survey was developed in three different chapters: the sea and the work related to the maritime dimension, seen through the eyes of the fishermen who survived the economic and legislative changes; the transmission of memory assigned to the songs and folk tales; and of course the architecture.

The artist has therefore worked within a large field, building a network of relationships with/between fishermen, architects, musicians, and local researchers, placing herself as a bridge between spheres of life and work.

Claire Bosi tried to overcome the inaccessibility of the places as well as the memory, subverting the combination of subject/object and opening channels of the relationship between research and popular knowledge, transcending the popular song as a collective experience.

Archeology of personal memory that becomes collective through the constitution of the research. emerging to life through the process of reactivation of this memory shared with 41 ° 08'24'' North latitude // 16 ° 50'49'' East longitude.

One installation to cross, 370 steps, 62,6 meters tall, the Lighthouse of San Cataldo.

The sound fills the spiral staircase, fragments of a shared experience takes the form of sound material, stories, text, moving images, postcards, nautical maps a journey.
The sound of the sea comes from crevices of Faro, the sound material ills the air, to return to the sea.

Claire Bosi was born in Ponte dell’Olio (Piacenza, Emilia-Romagna, Italy) in 1985, artist Paris based, she has been selected for several exchange programs and research grants in France and USA. Her research interests are in continuous evolution alternating between the theory and practical approach. Her research focuses on the geography of memory, the boundaries between self and space, and the function of memory in the process of one’s identity formation.

In her work she addresses themes concerning the connection between personal biography and history, the relationship between the dimensions of private and collective experiences, and the narrative power of sound and images linked to their ability to develop a story, focussing on storytelling through fragments of everyday life, and giving the viewer the opportunity to develop their own reference imagery. Her artistic practice is articulated through different languages and mediums ranging from photography to moving images, from installation to sound.

A profound thanks to: Anna Santomauro, Stefano Demaledetti, Andrea Vara, Fabio Gnali, Andrea Pizzi, Silvia Sivo, Patrizia Pirro, Carmine Damiani, Gaetano Serafino e famiglia, Daniel Hosner, Walter Zuppa, i Radio Amatori di Bari, Oscar Portoghese, Lello Cafaro, Pescatori di Bari, the crew of the Nicolaus, especially il Pupillo Vincenzo, fishermen of Molo di Sant’Antonio, Capitaneria di Porto di Bari - Ufficio Operativo and Katia Ottomano, Marina Militare, Mari Fari Taranto, Pierri Vincenzo Giovanni, Comandante Luigi Fornaro, team Vessel, Xscape and Momang

This announcement was published on 25/07/13